Ajurweda to prastara medycyna hinduska, będąca jednocześnie systemem filozoficznym. W dosłownym tłumaczeniu jest ona "wiedzą o życiu". Ajurweda bazuje na holistycznym nastawieniu do człowieka i świata. Jej celem jest przede wszystkim zapobieganie schorzeniom ciała i duszy, a nie tylko ich leczenie. Stan pełnego zdrowia nie polega na braku dolegliwości chorobowych, lecz na idealnym samopoczuciu fizycznym i psychicznym.

Shirodhara – Head Massage

Price: 320 zł/90min Shirodhara, the so called ‘third eye massage’, is an extraordinary, unusually relaxing head massage. The climactic point of this massage consists of pouring a special mixture of ayurveda ois on the spot between the eyebrows and the whole head.

Advantages of shirodhara:

  • increases concentration, supports memory
  • helps relieve insomnia, stress, migraines
  • supports hormonal system
  • induces a state of peace and harmony
  • improves hair condition and prevents hair loss

Shiroabhyanga – Head Massage

Price: 139 zł/40 min It is a traditional ayurveda head, face and arms massage, perfromed with the usage of hot oils. Advantages of Shiroabhyanga:

  • relaxes muscles, calms
  • eases stress
  • induces a state of harmony
  • helps relieve insomnia
  • improves hair condition
  • prevents hair loss and graying hair

Abhyanga – Body Massage

Pirce: 240 zł/60min Abhyanga stands for anointment. It stimulates energy points and supports energy flow while hot oils are rubbed in the whole body. Advantages of Abhyanga:

  • facilitates weight loss and improves silhouette
  • supports circulatory, nervous and digestive system
  • accelerates hormones production
  • relaxes muscles
  • removes toxins from the body
  • helps relieve insomnia, depression and anxiousness
  • supports lymphatic system
  • rejuvenates skin

Udvartana – Body Massage

Price: 280 zł/60min Udvartana is performed with a use of special mixture or ayurveda powders and herbs. Udvartana powders have anti inflammatory and detoxifying effects. Furthermore Udvartana is an ideal addition to a diet or slimming exercises since it supports reduction of fat tissue and cellulite.

  • facitilates reducation of fat tissue
  • has a purifing anti inflammatory effect.
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Has a peeling effect, smoothing and levelling the skin
  • Reduces excess perspiration
  • tones the body’s figure
  • Revives a healthy skin tone.