Bali Massages

Balinese massage

Price: 189 zł / 60 min, 269 zł / 90 min, 319 zł / 120 min Balinese massage is a relaxing, unique massage, which combines several

Asian, Ayurvedic and Chinese techniques. It uses deep compression hands,

grinding and smoothing the skin and stimulating the reflex points. This

massage uses warm essential oils. Balinese massage is very good for tense

muscles. We also recommend it for people following sports injuries.

Masaż Deep Tissue

Hot Stones massage

Price: 220 zł / 60 min The hot stones massage is not only a pleasant treatment, but also an efficient one. It combines the positive influence of thermotherapy with lymphatic drainage. The usage of techniques that derive from acupressure and ethereal oils makes the treatment more relaxing and soothing. Basalt stones collected in areas of high volcanic activity are used to perform this massage, since they emit heat for long time, which is a big advantage when dealing with diseases that need thermal inference.

Advantages of hot stones massage:

  • supports the circulatory, nervous, digestive and hormonal system
  • helps dealing with stress, and chronic tiredness
  • it is a reliable remedy when fighting depression and neurosis
  • calms down, helps concentration
  • improves memory
  • relaxes muscles, eases post traumatic pain, fights migraines

Polynesian Massage for Pregnant Women

Price : 160zł/ 60min

Magia Dotyku – masaż głowy, ramion i pleców

Price: 149 zł / 45 min

Masaż bańką chińską z tajskim masażem wyszczuplającym

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polski.

Vitalizing facial massage with warm and cold stones

Price: 110zł / 30 min

Asian face massage with an ampoule of vitamin

Price: 110zł / 30 min

Masaż bańką chińską

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polski.

Nourishing Facial Massage

Price: 60zł / 30 min

Ear candling therapy

Price: 95zł / 30 min