The Traditional Thai Massage

Price: 179 ZL / 60 MIN, 239 ZL / 90 MIN, 299 ZL / 120 MIN The Traditional Thai Massage is one of the most specific types of massage and differs from other well-known massages. It is performed without the use of any oils or moisturizers. The Client stays in special loose clothing all the time. A massage therapist uses all of his or her limbs to perform the massage (hands, wrists, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet). Advantages of Traditional Thai Massage:

  • stretches and relaxes muscles while also strengthening them
  • acupressure improves mobility
  • helps the immune system
  • helps the digestive system by regulating the metabolism
  • purifies body from toxins and free radicals
  • helps relieve depression, tension and stress
  • increases reduction of the adipose tissue and reduces cellulite